vivienne zheng

I specialise in acting on mortgage advances, discharges and enforcements. I work with private mortgage lenders, SMSFs, stable brokers, and mortgage funds.

I work with constructions funders, Quantity Surveyors, Valuers, and Brokers to ensure variations and drawdowns proceed smoothly.

I enjoy working in banking and finance because of the challenge of complex settlements involving multiple parties and simultaneous settlements. Our rigorous due diligence and vast institutional knowledge helps me confidently advise my client whatever the scenario may be.

I’m passionate about ensuring everyone in a mortgage transaction knows everything material about the deal especially with my bilingual background. This gives our Chinese clients a feeling of control and security knowing that they can communicate with us as easily as they would back home. I like to see the money go out and I like to see it safely come back in, and I like to see their funds under management rise each year because I know I am a critical part of it.