Our long experience and diverse customer base allow us to put our reputation first. We do this by striving to ensure that all transactions we act on are win-win. That is they are a win for the lender and a win for the borrower. Accordingly we will decline instructions where, in our respectful opinion, the:

  1. interest rate is unconscionable;
  2. lender or broker is a loan shark;
  3. interest rate is excessively high or low in view of the risk involved;
  4. purported exit strategy is a sham;
  5. loan involves an unethical broker;
  6. loan involves an unethical lender;
  7. borrower is likely to default;
  8. borrower or lender are elderly or otherwise vulnerable;
  9. borrower, guarantor or lender lack the skills or acumen to understand the commercial aspects of the transaction;
  10. brokerage or establishment fee is excessive compared to what the borrower could likely obtain by shopping around;
  11. lender is lending on a specialised security without the requisite skill set;
  12. borrower or lender have been convicted of a serious crime;