Courtney Hayes

My practice mainly involves acting for syndicates of private mortgage lenders on mortgage advances, variations and discharges. When necessary, I also act on mortgage enforcements. The nature of the work is quite specialised and each new deal presents its own challenges. Luckily, I have excellent organisational skills and I pride myself on being able to easily handle the number of parties involved and the complexity of the deals. I have a close working relationship with my clients, which allows me to know what will and what will not work for them and to tailor documents to their needs and the particular loan scenario.

I enjoy working at Bransgroves Lawyers as the systems and procedures we have in place mean that less of my time is taken up with administrative tasks. This allows me to focus on due diligence and getting a quick turnaround for my clients and the brokers I work with. The technologies that we have in place also allow me to have flexible work hours and mean that I am able to work remotely.