A Mortgage Syndicate has multiple benefits to lenders:

  1. The investors are diversifying their risk. If their capital is fractionalised across multiple loans and interest on a particular loan goes unpaid, or capital return is delayed, the financial stress on the investor is thereby minimised.
  2. Having multiple lenders involved in the same loan enhances lender due diligence as each lender has a slightly different approach.
  3. Allowing access to a higher standard of loans to smaller investors

A Mortgage Syndicate can be written with a bare trustee (which Bransgroves can provide) or as contributory mortgage where each lender’s name appears on the Torrens title.

Bransgroves has developed a range of mortgage syndicate structures which make it almost as efficient for a broker to write a loan with twenty investors, as with one investor. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you put together your syndicate.

Mortgage Syndicates