We see investment in technology as our key competitive advantage. This is because the time saved through automation of our processes allows:

  1. deeper legal due diligence (more searches);
  2. better red flags (fewer false negatives and false positives on searches);
  3. more time spent by our partners considering the scenario and red flags;
  4. Quicker turnaround on all metrics.

We are 100% cloud based (we have no central server) this allows us to:

  1. work from home, the office or a hotel room (happy lawyer, happy lender);
  2. better protect our data identification (all platforms utilise 2 or 3 factor security);
  3. utilise overseas paralegals who work through the night (for quicker turnarounds);
  4. load balance (when a legal team has multiple settlements on the same day they can shuffle files to other teams very easily).