Matthew Bransgrove, Consultant

Matthew Bransgrove Bachelor of Laws NSW College mortgage co-author 2008 LexisNexis Essential Guide Mortgage Law Society Journal litigation management federal jurisdiction laywer

Matthew Bransgrove holds a Bachelor of Laws and was admitted to the NSW Supreme Court in 1992. He has practised exclusively in the field of mortgage law and mortgage related litigation since 1998.

He is author of Avoiding Mortgage Fraud in Australia (2015) Lexis Nexis. He is co-author of The Essential Guide to Mortgage Law in NSW (2008) Lexis Nexis and its successor The Essential Guide to Mortgage Law in Australia (2013) Lexis Nexis.

His articles in the NSW Law Society Journal and his textbook have been cited with approval by the NSW Supreme Court*.

*Chandra v Perpetual Trustees Victoria [2007] NSWSC 694; Perpetual Trustees Victoria v Kirkbride [2009] NSWSC 377; Bank of Western Australia v Ellis J Enterprises [2012] NSWSC 313

At Bransgroves, Matthew is responsible for vetting of new matters. This involves screening them for suitability for the firm’s expertise, appraising the evidence and issues, and determining a general strategy to take the matter forward. He does not have the day-to-day conduct of matters. 

Matthew Bransgrove’s publications

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