We believe the attitude “we own you 12 hours a day” is unethical, unnecessary and suffocating. We think you should own you and you should work when and how suits your family and recreational commitments. To achieve this we:

  1. enable all lawyers to work full time from home;
  2. operate 100% in the cloud including using Docusign for the execution of all documents;
  3. remunerate all solicitors on a fee share basis so, if you take time off or slow down, it is no-one’s business but your own;
  4. utilise systems, procedures and standards to enable files to be swapped between legal teams with minimal friction;
  5. enable files to be shuffled very easily between legal teams so you can partly or fully drop files at short notice without inconveniencing anyone.

We see the main goal of life as growing, supporting and enjoying your family, work is simply a way to pay for it. This philosophy guides us in all our arrangements.

We have embraced technology and encourage our clients to do everything by email or the cloud rather than telephone. We believe the telephone causes stress because it requires two people to come together at the same time. Our field of work (private mortgage conveyancing) makes this easy as it is the preferred method to communicate by most lenders and brokers.

A move to Bransgroves Lawyers will provide you with the flexibility of self employment without the concerns of lack of work and ongoing administrative headache of running your own practice. You are your own boss and, you can set your own hours. If this sounds appealing, contact us now.