The Adviser and Mortgage Business plug Avoiding Mortgage Fraud

Two industry magazines, The Adviser and Mortgage Business, today quoted Matthew Bransgrove and pitched his book Avoiding Mortgage Fraud in Australia.

Described as “a detailed go-to guide for uncovering the tactics and strategies of fraudsters in the mortgage space”, the book was also commended as being extremely useful to brokers by Mark Haron, director of Connective.

Matthew Bransgrove will be sharing his insights into mortgage fraud first-hand at Connective’s professional development days in August. “Matthew’s knowledge in this area, plus his experience in dealing with finance brokers, makes him the perfect person to present on this topic to brokers”, said Mark Haron.

Matthew’s advice to mortgage professionals in avoiding mortgage fraud is “trust but verify. The lament of every broker hoodwinked by a fraudster is that the fraudster seems so genuine and trustworthy, that they cannot believe they were deceived”.

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