Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of NSW v Alcorn [2007] NSWCA 288

This matter was about a NSW solicitor, Brian Dean Alcorn, being struck of the roll for dishonestly and corruptly being involved in a fraudulent mortgage scheme run by a fraudulent Queensland finance broker, Neville Stumer, and his company Direct Money Corporation Pty Limited. The scheme involved obtaining replacement Certificates of Title by lodging false statutory declarations claiming the originals had been destroyed in a cyclone. The frauds involved 35 properties owned by two families. In total $12,170,000 was fraudulently borrowed. Mr Alcorn was sentenced to 2 years jail by the Court of Criminal Appeal but was released on parole prior to completing the full sentence. Mr Alcorn told the court he is now working as a development and business consultant. He has indicated an intention to work in the future to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the community and the legal profession.

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