Professional Indemnity

We have been suing negligent valuers and solicitors on behalf of mortgage lenders for over 15 years. During this time we have developed unrivalled expertise in analysing mortgage loses and correctly assessing the prospects and quantum of damages. 

Due to our deep knowledge of the required legal and valuation work in the lead up to a loan advance we have accomplished unrivalled success for our clients.  Since we began this work we have never failed to achieve a win in court or a satisfactory settlement, with damages paid to our clients. This is testament to our thorough and skilled case preparation and our determination only to proceed with strong cases.

Our initial approach is to assist you in quantifying your damages and assessing the strength of your case. This initially involves examining the legal issues and if they are in order, commissioning the requisite expert reports. Once we are convinced you are going to win and the damages recoverable are worthwhile, we advise the filing of proceedings. Typically we file in the Federal Court and typically we settle within 6-9 months of filing.

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