Private Mortgage Lending

For over nineteen years we have led the field in acting for lenders on mortgage advances in NSW. Since the advent of PEXA we have been acting on advances Australia wide.  

From a vanilla first mortgage for $500,000 to a multi-million dollar construction loan our service is always superlative. Our pricing is extremely competitive and our work careful and precise. Our specialisation and our automated document production allow us to be lightning fast in our turn around for producing documents and both meticulous and extensive in our due diligence. 

Our rigorous systems, procedures and constantly tweaked checklists ensure the highest quality service. Loans involving multiple securities, multiple tranches, multiple states, multiple guarantors, multiple borrowers, multiple trusts with multiple beneficiaries, and multiple charges over encumbered companies by syndicated lenders are par for our course. We are particularly skilled in documenting construction loans.

Many of our clients are mortgage funds run by solicitors. Despite having the qualifications to act for themselves, they know that when a matter is complex, or high value, it is quicker and safer to use Bransgroves Lawyers.

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