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My practice is in banking and finance, specialising in private mortgage transactions. I also act for mortgage brokers, mortgage originators and mortgage funds on compliance and origination issues.

I have been running my practice at Bransgroves for over 7 years which all comes down to me enjoying what I do and who I work with, both the Bransgroves team and our clients. Even though I act for the lender, mortgage advances are a team effort involving the lender, me and the broker. We work together and we foster efficiencies together that stand us in good stead on future deals and on complex lending scenarios.

I really enjoy finding creative ways to solve our clients’ problems. One example of this was when a borrower was using the funds to purchase a copra plantation in the Solomon Islands using Australian farms as security. Our client could not do the deal unless they knew 100% that no Farm Debt Mediation Act issues would be raised. We knew it was not a Farm Debt matter but we could not guarantee the issue would not be raised, so we approached the Court for declaratory relief before the funds were advanced, the Judge gave the declaration and both the lender and borrower were over the moon.