Rachel Luo, Senior Associate

Rachel Luo of Bransgroves Lawyers, Sydney NSW

Is an associate solicitor and our Chinese Client Concierge. All loans involving Chinese investors are monitored by Rachel. This means you can call Rachel any time, day or night and she will know exactly what is happening in your matter and be able to explain it to you in Chinese. All major documents are translated by Rachel into Chinese and these are emailed to you. This gives you a feeling of control and security knowing that you can communicate with Bransgroves as easily as you would back home in China.

Rachel graduated with a Bachelor degree in Law and Arts from Beijing Foreign Studies University, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Sydney. She worked for the international law firm King & Wood Mallesons in merger & acquisition and private equity in mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States. She has been admitted to practice law in mainland China since 2016 and in the Supreme Court of New South Wales in May 2019. She also holds Australian official certificate for English to Chinese Translation.

Rachel Luo在Bransgroves负责为中国客户提供服务,她密切关注律所中所有涉及中国投资者的贷款。您能够随时打电话给Rachel, 她会告诉您案件的最新动态并且用中文为您解释。所有的重要文件都将由Rachel为您翻译成中文并且电子邮件发送给您。您可以轻松地和Bransgroves的律师们交流,就像在中国一样没有语言障碍。这确保您能够及时掌握案件进展情况,保障您的知情权。

Rachel拥有北京外国语大学法学,文学学士学位及悉尼大学职业法律博士学位。她曾就职于金杜律师事务所,工作领域包括中国大陆,香港与美国地区的跨境并购与私募基金。Rachel 于2016年获得中国法律职业资格,并在2019年5月成为澳大利亚新南威尔士州执业律师。她拥有澳大利亚官方认证的中英文笔译资格。

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