Anna Leonard

My practice involves acting for private mortgage lenders on mortgage advances, variations and discharges. I bring to Bransgroves Lawyers over 20 years’ experience working in both private practice and as in-house counsel and my clients at Bransgroves benefit from my commercial and practical approach to their matters.  Whilst the deals themselves may be complex, I aim to ensure that the everyone involved in the mortgage transaction knows everything material about the deal, whether they are the Lender, Broker or Borrower, by ensuring the documentation is clear and precise.

I enjoy the specialised nature of the work that we do at Bransgroves and finding innovative ways to solve our clients’ problems. I am grateful to work with such a supportive team of people and, as a mother, it is wonderful to know that if I need to drop everything for a family emergency my colleagues are not only willing to step in and handle my matters, but that the systems and procedures we have in place mean that they can do so seamlessly.