Bransgroves Lawyers have followed the banks’ example and adopted electronic signing of all security documents via Docusign.

We are of the view that this significantly improves anti-fraud security and efficiency. This leads to lower costs for the borrower because there are typically zero requisitions on returned DocuSign documents. In the past there would typically be multiple aspects of the returned paper documents that would need to be rectified, often with the necessity of the borrower having to return to their solicitor.

Unfortunately not all solicitors are able to confidently adopt technology quickly. We found this during the migration from paper conveyancing to PEXA. It took around 5 years for the entire profession to become proficient with the PEXA and we anticipate something similar will occur with DocuSign.

Since we switched to DocuSign we have received requests to allow paper signing as the borrower’s solicitor does not feel confident with, or does not want to use, DocuSign. With regret we cannot oblige these requests because we are dedicated to efficiency and the best practices on fraud mitigation.

In order to assist your clients during the transition we list below the borrower’s solicitors with whom this firm has dealt with using DocuSign, and who have done so competently and efficiently. We offer no endorsement as to their legal skills, we have no agreement or arrangement with them. Furthermore we intend to remove this page once the profession as a whole catches up with this new technology.

If you belong to one of the firms listed below and wish your firm’s name to be removed please email us accordingly.