Avoiding Mortgage Fraud hits the shelves

Matthew Bransgrove, senior partner at Bransgroves Lawyers, is an esteemed and respected legal author. His latest ground breaking title Avoiding Mortgage Fraud in Australia hit the shelves in June 2015, with a record number of 1,600 copies having already been sold to date.

A practical guide to avoiding mortgage fraud, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the tactics and strategies used by fraudsters and the practical steps that need to be taken by mortgage professionals to avert fraud.

Mortgage professionals will gain valuable insight into the tactics used by fraudsters, such as false websites, false employers, false companies, and false certificates of title, and the due diligence required to expose these falsities.

The book goes into extensive detail about multiple frauds and makes references to reported decisions, newspaper articles and ASIC press releases.

Avoiding Mortgage Fraud in Australia is indispensable for those working in the mortgage field.

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