Our clients cannot afford excessive legal costs to dispose of unwanted litigation. Ours is a frugal approach, we leverage off technology, our unrivalled expertise to allow a minimalist approach to get the job done, as quickly as possible, with the least cost and aggravation to our clients. Our focus is always on winning the case, rather than going through the motions. This endears us to our clients and has given us a formidable reputation amongst our opponents.

Everything we do is driven by efficiency and necessity. Our goal is to be rewarded by referrals. To this end, we consistently review our practices and procedures to remove all vestiges of archaic legal traditions and replace them with the latest technological enablers. We are 100% in the cloud and always reviewing and adopting the latest technology to drive down costs.

Even with the best solicitors in the world a client can still be aggravated, over-charged, and poorly represented if the barrister selected is not the best choice. We never use a barrister who is of unknown quality. Most of our barristers have been on our panel for years. Our panel only grows when we find ourselves up against an outstanding barrister whose legal knowledge, case preparation and acute reasoning over a lengthy trial convince us they will make a valuable addition. 

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