About Us

Bransgroves Lawyers is a boutique law firm operating primarily on the East Coast of Australia with office in Sydney and the Sunshine Coast. From its inception the firm has specialised in acting on private mortgage advances, enforcement, and discharges. Through this speciality we have become involved in assisting lenders in recovering funds from negligent professionals. Our work is continually improved by our:

  1. Exclusive practice within the mortgage and mortgage related field;
  2. Prolific involvement in mortgage related litigation;
  3. Ongoing legal research and document enhancement;
  4. Advanced information technology systems.

Bransgroves Lawyers is the trading name of Bransgroves Lawyers Pty Limited, an incorporated legal practice founded in 2001. There are eight experienced litigation solicitors employed by the firm. We pride ourselves on delivering rapid, efficient and highly competent service. Our emphasis is on getting results cost effectively.


Our head office is are located at Suite 1405 / 38-42 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000. We also have offices in Queensland and suburban Sydney. However, since the COVID pandemic we have operated and regard ourselves as a virtual firm.

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